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    Notice of Student Aid for 2013-2

    Launched the notices "for Student Aid - Participation in events in Brazil and abroad 2013-2" and "Aid to Learners - Participation in Field Work in 2013-2." The announcements and their respective application forms are available for download under "Notices".

    Call for Short Term Scientific Mission Abroad for Students - Approval

    Is available to query the result of approval of registration to compete for the Call for Short Term Scientific Mission Abroad for Students. Check under "Notices".

    Notice of mission studies - Masters and Graduate

    Launched the "Call for conducting mission studies MSc students and undergraduate programs in 2013 participants Procad / Casadinho 'Anthropology, citizenship and difference' (PPGAS / UFRGS, PPGAS / UFSC, PPGAS / UFG)". Check under "Notices".

    Doctorate - Resolution on qualifying examination

    Check out the guidelines of "PPGAS Resolution 02/2013 - About doctoral qualifying exam, " available at "Program -> Resolutions".

    Results of announcements "for Student Aid 2013-1"

    Award nominees Anpocs Theses and Dissertations

    The Evaluation Committee, formed by teachers Fachel Ondina Leal, Ceres Víctora and Ari Pedro Oro, indicated the following theses and dissertations to be sent to Anpocs:


    1st - Juliana Macedo - Guidance Daniela Knauth


    1st - Rodrigo Toniol - Advisor Carlos Alberto Steil

    2nd - Moses Kopper - Advisor Arlei Sander Damo

    Also contributed to the thesis statement Mariana Soares (Advisor Cornelia Eckert), Cristian Salaini Jobi (Advisor Denise Garden) and Reijane Pinheiro da Silva (Supervisor Ruben Feigen) and dissertations Erica Pastori (Supervisor Bernardo Lewgoy) and Ulisses Duarte Correa (Advisor Ruben Feigen).

    Academic Calendar 2013-2014

    The academic activities of 2013 and the first half of 2014 can be found at "academic calendar".

    Illuminations Magazine

    Is online n. 32 Illuminations magazine, with the theme "complexities and simplicities of ethnographic research with images: experiments reported." The magazine is an electronic publication of the Bank and Visual Effects - Nupecs / LAS / PPGAS / IFCH and Ilea / UFRGS. Check in: .

    Disciplines and time 2013/1

    Go to "Courses" menu to check the disciplines of the semester 2013/1 and timetable.

    Anthropological horizons

    Check the list of articles and abstracts from the most recent issue of Anthropological Horizons magazine's website. The number 38, organized by Eunice Maria Maciel, has the theme "Knowledge and Doings".

    Call for papers - Anthropological Horizons 40

    Check the website of Horizons Antopológicos the call for papers for the number 40 of the magazine, "mega-events" organized by Sander Arlei Damo and Ruben George Feigen, to be published in October 2013. The deadline for submitting articles is 31/12/2012.

    Reopening the Naked Eye Gallery - Exhibition "90 Years Anthropology: stylistic production of ethnographic images"

    The Naked Eye Gallery was established in 1995 and since then has been constituted as an exhibition space of academic productions permeated by the use of the image. Under the responsibility of the Center for Visual Anthropology (Navisual) over these years were held 99 exhibitions, covering completion of course work, dissertations, theses, commemorative exhibitions and other productions, primarily ethnographic. Taken together, provide reading time from the continuous effort to experience, narrating, interpreting, remembering.

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