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Application Deadline

月 01 日 June 1 N / A 月 01 日 June 1


$ 13, 980 N / A $ 13, 620

Year cost of living

$ 12, 430 N / A $ 12, 430


549 N / A 995

The average GMAT / GRE

510 N / A Measurement: 995

Average GPA

Required N / A Required

The minimum TOEFL requirement

550N / A550

Starting salary of graduates

N / AN / AN / A

School background
已有 100 多年的歷史,是德州大學系統中第二大的學校,提供約 89 種學士、 73 種碩士及 30 種博士課程,學生人數約 25, 000 人,以商管、工程、電腦科學、護理、建築、語言學等科系著名。 University of Texas at Arlington (University of Texas at Arlington) more than 100 years of history, is the University of Texas's second-largest school system, providing about 89 kinds of bachelor, master's and 30 kinds 73 kinds of doctoral programs, about 25, 000 students people in business administration, engineering, computer science, nursing, architecture, linguistics departments famous. 30 萬,是美國人口成長最快的都會區之一,許多商業中心、餐廳、博物館、旅遊景點都在阿靈頓以及市中心地區。 School location Arlington population of about 300, 000, is the fastest-growing U.S. population of the metropolitan area, many commercial centers, restaurants, museums, tourist attractions and the city center are in the Arlington area. While Arlington has become the new metropolitan center, but students are able to understand Texas's traditional culture and life. (The University of Texas System) 十三所成員大學之一,排名第 2 位。 University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas System (The University of Texas System) thirteen members of the university, ranked 2. 9 個部門,最好的學科是工程、商管、建築、護理和社會工作。 A total of nine university departments and disciplines is the best engineering, business administration, architecture, nursing and social work.

Academy courses are also very standard, especially in information systems, energy systems research, automation and robotics and so on. Library, engineering and science laboratory equipment are very rich and sophisticated. 3, 281 人投考,僅 2, 559 人獲錄取,錄取率為 78% There are one or two years before applying for 3, 281 people, only 2, 559 people received the admission, admission was 78%. University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) 的商學院 , 目前有 5400 多名學生 , 其中研究生約 1000 多名 . 德州大學阿靈頓分校 University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) 為美國前 80 所最佳商學院之一 , 以培養企現職中高級管理人才為主 . 商學院本部共約 500 多名 MBA 學生 , 其中約 300 名為在職生 . MBA 學生在入學前的平均工作年限約 5 . 50% 的學生為管理 , 財經類本科 , 20% 為工科出身 , 30% 則為文理科背景。 University of Texas at Arlington University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) business school, there are currently more than 5, 400 students, of whom approximately 1, 000 graduate students. University of Texas at Arlington University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) for the United States before the 80 one of the best business schools to develop enterprises serving mainly middle and senior management talent. Business School MBA headquarters of about 500 students, of which about 300 are part-time students. MBA students in the average work experience before enrollment of about five yearsapproximately 50% of the students for the management, finance and economics undergraduate, about 20% of the engineering background, and the other 30% as compared to the liberal arts background.

University of Texas Press Latino High School Graduation: Defying the Odds (Hogg Foundation Monograph Series)
Book (University of Texas Press)

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