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Content in the master's degree Anthropology

Anthropology is the comprehensive doctrine of man. The curriculum in master studies anthropology are very diverse and therefore offer a variety of specialization options: You can focus which has many points of intersection with ethnology you as to the cultural and social anthropology.

But also a focus on anthropology of religion, medical anthropology, or media and visual anthropology is possible. Depending on your specialization you concerned you during the study with historical, scientific, geographical, political, or philosophical aspects of humanity.

Approval and completion

The Master's degree anthropology is to some extent an all-rounder who can provide interesting content for any budding scholars. According to the Master's program is open to undergraduate students of many humanities courses. Find out in each case directly to the universities, admission requirements and specializations, as they often vary greatly. Even the normal period is variable between two and four semesters, as well as the financial statements Title: Master of Arts or Master of Science.

Job prospects with a Master in Anthropology

Due to the various application areas and variable pit ways it is difficult to give a comprehensive assessment of your career prospects. Nevertheless, we list here some occupational areas in which you can find a job according to your individual interests:

  • Development Cooperation and International Relations
  • Migration, refugees and integration work
  • Research and teaching
  • Tourism and culture area
  • Media and public relations
  • Business Psychology

Overview of universities where you can complete the master Anthropology:

University of Texas Press Latino High School Graduation: Defying the Odds (Hogg Foundation Monograph Series)
Book (University of Texas Press)
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Thinking of getting my masters and need advice

I graduated in 96' with a degree in History and minor in Anthropology/Geography and ended up in the sales & marketing profession. Currently, I work in the ecommerce division of a local company and really enjoy it. I would like to go back to school, perhaps get my Masters or a field related to ecommerce, but would like some advice. I work quite a bit and know that a lot of travel will be hard for me to do. So, I am interested in a reputable program online. (I live on the central coast and moving is not an option.)
Does anyone have some general advice about what type of pr

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