Anthropology PHD Programs in Canada

Jerry Melbye, Ph

BA in Political Science and Public Administration

The program is accredited by the Association for Accreditation and Certification in Social Sciences, AC (ACCESISO). Students are prepared to analyze the behavior of actors in national and international policy in the field of political and civil society, political and governmental decisions from a strategic perspective, formulating, implementing and evaluating public policies.

Masters in Social Anthropology

It is recognized in the National Register of Postgraduate (PNPC). Looking to train researchers and teachers with a strong background in both the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the discipline and research field, which enables them to make original contributions to knowledge, analysis and understanding of specific aspects of contemporary cultural reality, with a clear aware of their social responsibility.

Master in Sociology

It belongs to the National Register of Postgraduate (PNPC). Joint is proposed disciplinary training provided with the development of critical thinking, with broad awareness of the responsibilities and ethical implications of professional practice committed to the values ​​of solidarity, equity and justice.

PhD in Social Anthropology

Registration has the National Register of Postgraduate with relevant category internationally. It is aimed at training researchers at the highest academic level, with proficiency and conceptual theoretical knowledge of the discipline and extensive experience in field research, which enables them to generate new knowledge in the field of Social Anthropology and innovative application in various areas of anthropological endeavor.

Ph.D. in Social and Political Sciences

Registration has the National Register of Postgraduate with relevant category nationwide. The Doctor has an academic structure divided into two main areas: the first focused on the deepening of issues and problems related to political theory and practice, the second focused on the analysis and study of issues and social dynamics.

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Book (University of Texas Press)
2005-11-27 14:06:59 by Looking4A_Recommendation

Thinking of getting my masters and need advice

I graduated in 96' with a degree in History and minor in Anthropology/Geography and ended up in the sales & marketing profession. Currently, I work in the ecommerce division of a local company and really enjoy it. I would like to go back to school, perhaps get my Masters or a field related to ecommerce, but would like some advice. I work quite a bit and know that a lot of travel will be hard for me to do. So, I am interested in a reputable program online. (I live on the central coast and moving is not an option.)
Does anyone have some general advice about what type of pr

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