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Modesto Garcia Jimenez

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Modesto Garcia Jimenez.

Coordinator of Social and Cultural Anthropology.banner_antropologia.jpg

With the explicit aim of continuing the training curriculum of those professionals who work in the areas of intervention and analysis of social and cultural reality,clinical intervention and academic training,we offer a curriculum second cycle (two courses) in Social and Cultural Anthropology,particularly aimed at all those who,with the backing of the bachelor's degree,intending to carry out the exercise of their professional skills with a more holistic and oriented to the emerging needs of the century.


Teachers College Press Degrees of Control: A Sociology of Educational Expansion and Occupational Credentialism
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2007-04-23 12:53:00 by Blandbob

Yes you are, For Example

According to UC Berkeley's website, their linguistics dept:
States that, "with the approximately 50 graduate students in progress toward the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, Berkeley linguists remain committed to the empirical, historical, and theoretical study of linguistic structure within a broad linguistic, cultural, and cognitive context."
MA is not a science degree.
Traditionally, the soft sciences include sociology, anthropology, linguistics, etc., as distinct from hard science disciplines like physics, chemistry, etc.

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