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Ireland eventually became synonymous with destination where you can learn English with the ease of work and, most Brazilians, this board just focused on the improvement of the language, but you know that as well as the most popular destinations, Ireland has much more to offer. Besides English courses, universities Irish circulate in the list of world's best. There are also options in sectors highlights such as technology and pharmaceuticals. To give an idea of this window of opportunity in Irish education were researching what the pa í s has to offer not only in the capital Dublin, but also in other counties and therefore give some examples in Galway city, located to the west of the pa í is known for young vibe.


Certificates - FETAC 5/6

Known as technical or FETAC . They are an intermediate category between high school and university prepare and provide training to the labor market. You've probably seen around, some jobs requiring 5 or 6 FETAC. Well then, they tend to be of short duration or maximum one year, depends on the area of ​​interest. These do not always require certificate of English proficiency, however, know that there is no point doing a course and do not understand what is being taught. Each judge will be able or not to study these. There are numerous schools that offer this type of course in every county. Below are some examples:

Grafton College of Management Sciences


Galway Business School

Dublin Business School

Institutes of Technology

If you have an industry that has surpassed expectations, even in times of crisis is the technological and this is easily explained by the potential and reputation of technological education centers operating in the country. They are everywhere and are currently the major incentive for foreign companies, which has been installed on Green Island eyeing the potential of these professionals. So if you are interested in the industry know that desenbarcou in the right country. In Galway, a good option is the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, which offers courses or full-time in areas such as Engineering, Science and Technology, Arts, among others. For the calendar inscriptions access the site .

English courses

Forums, our discussion group and chat guys the issue is the same: English course in the first year and of course for Business renocação. Ok, you can even opt for the trivial, but these are not the only options in the land of Guinness. In addition to traditional levels of English course, since his English has reached a level better, you can embark on language courses focused on a specific area of ​​interest or even think in English for teachers. The options are numerous. A good example is the course taught by DCU (Dublin), called "Professional Development: Corporate and Bespoke Language Tuition" designated for executives who want to focus on learning the language corporative. Another course prepares the university for academic language, just as there are certification courses for proficiency.


To talk about courses at universities will use as an example, the National University of Ireland, Galway campus (known as NUI Galway). site da universidade e buscar o curso que te interessa. The first thing to do is visit the website of the university and pursue the course that interests you. Undergraduate ” e os de Pós-graduação em “ Postgraduate “. Undergraduate courses are usually found in the part of " Undergraduate "and Postgraduate in" Postgraduate ". os mesmos que conhecemos para cursos de inglês, ou seja: seguro saúde, dinheiro, comprovante de acomodação, carta do curso eo GNIB . The requirements for getting a place in universities are basically the same we know for English courses, ie: health insurance, money, proof of accommodation, travel and letter GNIB .

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2010-09-01 12:56:57 by edugirl

Don't pay $30K for an online master's.

That would be very dubious, in my opinion.
Online degrees are not yet proven, for one thing, and there might be future backlash against them.
I say this because of the occasional posts (once or twice a month) we get from people who offer money for someone to take their online exams.
If it is discovered in the next few years that such cheating is rampant and that those with online degrees do not perform as well as those with degrees from brick and mortar schools, that will result in devaluation of online programs in general.

2009-09-09 21:19:38 by edugirl

For MBA's, others on the forum are much more...

...qualified to comment, so I will defer to them. They should be on the forum tomorrow to comment.
As far as a Masters in Healthcare Administration, it seems to me that that would be more of a on-the-ground, nuts and bolts program for hands on hospital administration.
The difference between the programs could be between being an administrator at a hospital versus being an executive at a company that owns a number of hospitals, or maybe even an insurance company.
I think you would have to identify programs of interest on both academic tracks and look at your qualifications, look at what the program has to offer, and where their students end up

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