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Schools want what's best for student-athletes; suuuuuuuuure they

Student-athlete model ─ Emeka Okafor

Many times, we forget why the NCAA to all the players called "student-athletes" (Student-Athlete). In the eyes of the vast majority of fans, their identity is the players, but in fact, they are still students, students and athletes naturally have dual identity. That is, they are important achievements on the pitch, classroom grades are even more important. After all, can be hired by the NBA or the proportion of players playing for a living is not high.

The University of Connecticut junior middle striker Emeka Okafor, arguably the best example of student-athletes.

NCAA's Ben Wallace
6 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 252 pounds of Okafor, the past two years re-leased the fastest NCAA players.

You have to admire UConn coach Jim Calhoun, Okafor graduated from Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas. Calhoun phase Okafor when he was in the major recruiting service and scouts of the nation ranking, all in one hundred outside; to UConn's level, in fact, should not be fancy then Okafor.

But Calhoun's vision human eye really is not covered, Okafor in high school graduation, before the nation's ranking has risen to 50, and a freshman on the surrender of an average of 8 points, 9 rebounds and 4.1 blocked shots achievements, the total number of 138 blocked shots times, rewritten originally Donyell Marshall (now Bulls) to maintain single-season record of 111, the average blocked shots ranked second in the nation.

As a sophomore, Okafor more progressive in the offensive, with an average 15.7 points, 11 rebounds and 4.7 blocked shots, which boarded the nation's top blocked shots. This year, he was elected as the Big East Defensive Player not saying, in a tournament hit rate was 66.7%.

Okafor excellent coordination, blocked shots, but his superior ability, not only because of his extraordinary physical condition, but that he fully the defense as a science, a thorough study. His roommate at UConn's Ben Gordon, would often become his "Please beneficial" object. Okafor very seriously asked Gordon: Defender usually like to jump in there? In what way jumper? In what way they will dodge the opponent's defense? Be answered after, Okafor concentrate fully and in actual combat to verify Gordon answers.

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I guess pressure to turn high schools into mills

Long considered to be one of the city’s best remaining behemoth high schools, Lehman has had a checkered past. At the end of the 2007-08 school year, Lehman’s veteran principal Leder resigned after investigators found that he had paid two assistant football coaches overtime wages while they were at home.
Leder’s replacement, Saraceno, arrived the next fall from the High School for Media and Communications, where she was principal. As part of a Department of Education program to lure principals to the city’s most challenging schools, she was given a bonus and the title “executive principal

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NCAA website.

Here is a link to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the nonprofit organization that coordinates the athletic programs among the different colleges and universities:
Select "Academics & Athletes" and then "Education" to see the information on scholarships.
There is another section of the website that you should review. Under "Academics & Athletes," select "Eligibility & Recruiting," and then look at the information "College-bound Students & Parents."
I know nothing about this topic, but it looks like this is where you want to go, as it is a nonprofit

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Interesting, but I think you are over-rating the

Sports coaches.
Scholorships merely give someone with an ability the opportunity to go to college, but it's what the student does with that opportunity that matters, and it's a given that MANY 18-year olds will screw up on life's opportunities - It's part of life-learning.
However, if it's true that a student on a sports scholorship is the least likely to graduate then you need to look at why, and I don't think it's the coaches.
The colleges with the best sports facilities & funding tend to be amongst the best academic schools - which means that the standards required to maintain their minimum academic requirement are higher - too high for many urban youths who only went through an inner-city schools program

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