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Anne Witte, PhD EDUCATION Anne Witte, PhD

People, Markets and Humanities Department

Professor - Speciality: Culture

EDHEC Grande Ecole Assistant Dean, Intercontinental Track

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Author of more than twenty publications, Anne E.Witte has combined expertise in the ranks of

humanities and social sciences to Provide interdisciplinary instruction to management students at

EDHEC Business School (FRANCE) where she HAS Held a position as Professor since 1991.Her

research and writing address issues in cross cultural psychology, cultural history, literature,

anthropology, international communication and critical thinking.With strong Interests in Developing

interdisciplinary approaches to business education, she has-been instrumental in the development of

international programs, multi-media learning platforms and novel educational tools.She holds two

doctoral degrees (one earned in the U.S., the other in France) and reserves as Assistant Dean for

offshore projects Involving exchanges betweens business schools in New York, Beijing and Nagoya

and EDHECGrande Ecole, FRANCE. A native New Yorker, She has lived in France for over 15

years, is multi-lingual and international HAS extensive teaching and field work experience.



Doctorate in English

La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III Institute for Anglophone Studies, 1997.

Research Director: Professor François Laroque

Dissertation Title:The Dream of a Summer Night by William Shakespeare: Essay

anthropological reading (William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's

Dream: An Anthropological Reading)

Concerns: History of Calendar, Shakespeare and Early Modern Culture

Civilization, Applied Anthropology.


Ph.D. English Language, Literature and Civilization

Interdisciplinary Studies (Medieval Studies, Anthropology, Comparative

Religion) - The Graduate School of the City University of New York,

Department of English, 1992.

The doctoral thesis is an interdisciplinary study of a New Year's feast in

twelfth and thirteenth century France through the study of three extant

Professor Anne Witte, PhD, EDHEC Business School


manuscripts.An significant part of the analysis Concerns the Mechanisms of the

medieval calendar, animal symbolism, allegory in ancient and medieval music

literature and drama, Applied Methods in Anthropology.


(20 years)

FRANCE EDHEC Business School (15 years), University of Nice FRANCE (4 years)

University of Paris VII FRANCE (1 year), Hunter College, New York, USA (2 years)

Cross-cultural management and psychology

Globalization and Culture

Critical Thinking

Gender and Diversity Issues

Topics in French Business and Environment (Grande Ecole Interdisciplinary elective)

Research Methodology

Values ​​and Cooperation


Translator - French / German - into English

Project Manager for the Editor and Marketing Director

Belvedere Press, New York City, USA.Publisher of priceless reproductions of

medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from the Vatican Library.U.S. private and

university distribution.Wrote copy and documentation for public relationships and sales

based on Existing materials in German, French and Italian partner institutions.For

academic and Commercial Purposes, Traveled Throughout the U.S. giving lectures and

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2009-03-09 18:51:31 by pink_pits

Resume to reflect graduate school

I'll be graduating from grad school this spring (best time, I know) and starting to put together my resume.
I want to use the chronological format, but would that mean I still start out with "work experience" on top and follow with "education"?
My work experience has been on hiatus since 2007, when I started grad school, so I'm wondering if HR managers will overlook my education if it is near the bottom of the resume. Would it be okay to start out with "education" and then follow with "work experience?"
Any tips would be great. Thanks.

2011-05-15 17:35:15 by jkiryako

Resume Question: Mid-career graduate school

I worked for around 10 years before I went back to school for a couple of years to get a graduate degree. Now I've been back in the workforce for around 3 years.
How do I handle the gap in my work experience on the "Experience" section? You can figure it out from the "Education" section, but is it worth mentioning at all anywhere else in the resume?

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