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These are contracts in gold: varied missions, followed by personalized career, attractive salaries, periods abroad, targeted training ... The Graduate Programs, created by companies to attract young graduates with high potential, are booming. Focus on these unknown gems. Graduate Programs: companies looking for their high potential

The Graduate Programs, what is it?

These are programs created by companies to select and retain "high potential." In other words, young people who are destined to become executives of the company. Since the 2000s, these programs grow around the world, mainly in large multinationals.

Over a period of 2 to 5 years, a majority of the Graduate Programs include position changes in the curriculum. For example, in the Orange, you occupy three positions in five years. In the Carrefour, which are 4 posts in 4 years. Most of these courses offer one or two positions abroad.

Throughout the program, the winners are pampered. Integration seminars (8 weeks from arrival at Carrefour for example), coaching, very regular appointment with human resources, meetings with leaders of the group ... Recruitment took place in session once or twice a year. The selection process is usually very elaborate, with a battery of tests and interviews. Promotions are limited: between ten and sixty recruited per year in most cases. Needless to say, the selection rate is very strong!

As for starting salaries, they are higher by 10-15% than those offered to young people recruited from outside Graduate Programs.

Which offers Graduate Programs?

230 international companies offer Graduate Programs after Manuelle Malot, Executive careers at the EDHEC Business School, who has identified in its "Guide for international recruitment" (2012 edition). In France include Carrefour, Casino, BNP Paribas, Orange, L'Oreal, Total. But you can absolutely apply for Graduate Foreign companies, like General Electric, Heineken, Schneider Electric, PepsiCo, Toyota, Sony, HSBC ...

What profiles are sought?

Graduates tray 5: business schools , engineering schools , masters in law or management at university, policy institutes . A very good level of English is required Significant experience (6 months. 1 year) in the form of internship or a gap year is recommended. Recruitment took place the year of graduation, and even in the two years following (each program with its terms).

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2006-04-01 13:38:28 by ofthemythsabout

Thank you. People keep perpetuating some

Online education. The reality is that many "real" schools don't do online education very well. Everyone and their brother has put up some classes online, that doesn't mean they do effectively. Ironically, those very schools that are looked at with disdain by many have been in the distance-learning business for a long time and are, in many cases, better programs.
All that being said, it defi...earch ahead of time. If you are going for an undergrad degree and plan on graduate school, make sure your degree will be accepted as many schools won't accept them. Also check with some people in the industry you wish to work in to determine whether they're accepted

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