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Education and ICT in Africa: the example of Algeria

In a previous article on this blog, we presented the example against Kenya n for use in digital education. Fortunately, on the mainland, other good examples of ICT integration in education exist and deserve to be shared. Among these, the digital revolution in education in Algeria we share through this article in El Mujahid

Policy content

The digitization of the school, which remains a fact of life in a knowledge society where digital competence has become a core value, is not only an environment of social practices, technical infrastructure, mode of transmission and access but also and especially content. The development of this content as a resource heterogeneity simulation or modeling, in line with the curriculum requires an investment of time, material and human resources major. Thus, to ensure better use of technology, the Ministry of Education has introduced as part of the reform of the education system, the computer education in the curriculum of students. This teaching is in Algeria, a strategic objective to control the tool but the qualifications specified, differ from one cycle to another. In the primary, it is to teach students to master the basic functions of a computer training them to write a digital document, search online to identify and sort information in most teaching situations. In the middle, after familiarization primary education must enable students to process and use data: skills that must be developed in secondary school. Thus, it is the mastery of the use of computers for instructional purposes will become transferable skills that will benefit students of all levels. However, it is not just all about using this tool, you must also be able to combine existing resources. To achieve the development of ICT in education, an "e-Education" strategy was implemented. It consists of three phases, namely, training, equipment, school infrastructure and digitization of educational and administrative content. To this end, several measures have been taken.
A training program to benefit 201, 000 teachers

A training program for teachers of primary, middle and secondary schools was introduced from 2001. This program has involved 50, 000 school teachers (2001 to 2003) and 18, 000 teachers in middle and primary school (2003 to 2004). In the period from 2006 to 2008, the sector has formed in the recycling and the continuation of this training, educators 102, 000 primary school teachers, 63, 000 teachers and 36, 000 average secondary school teachers.
The curriculum focused on four modules of training provided to teachers and that are related to the introduction to the use of ICT, use of ICT tools, integration of ICT tools and ICT Education. At the end of this training, two certificates of competence in their computer and Internet are issued. One after completing the first two modules (2C2I first degree) and the other after completing the third and fourth modules (2C2I second degree).
Another training program for inspectors, principals and administrators

Masters of reality : certificate or performance?: Toward policy and practice for postsecondary education and work programs based on outcomes for students
Book (University of Michigan Library)
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Very social work of you to research options :)

Well, I got into Columbia SSW and Hunter, and I decided that it made little to no sense to go to a school where it would cost about $80K in a profession where you'd be luck to land a job that pays $40K when you've got your masters. I'm happy I got my MSW (I went to Hunter, even though I've always craved an ivy league education), although as one of the posters said, be sure of what you want! Social work is one of the least respected disciplines (and I'm not being bitter, I'm being real), with the low pay and high stress that goes along with it. Each of the 5 social work schools in NYC has their own personality and focus

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