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American Alfred University (Alfred University)

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Alfred University, founded in 1836, is located in Alfred, New York City, is a private university, the University of the existing 2, 000 undergraduate and 400 graduate students. School size is small, but very strong, Alfred University Northern University in the United States ranked 15th. Rich campus social activities, student organizations are very active. In addition, undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research projects. The University also encourages students to use what they have learned, to participate in community activities and services among the rich social experience to obtain. Students also have the opportunity to participate in overseas exchange study program.

Aerfeide universities are a small, but very strong, has the nation's top five in the Faculty of Fine Arts; projects financed by international acclaim of the Faculty of Engineering. Professional settings override psychology , pedagogy, business and many other popular areas. Rich campus social activities, student organizations are very active. In addition, undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research projects. Students also have the opportunity to participate in overseas exchange study program.

Alfred University's School of Business in 1988 passed the AACSB certification, is the New York of the older business schools. College to focus on small class teaching, teacher to student ratio of 1:14, each student and teacher in close academic exchanges. Graduates better employment prospects, including accounting graduates over the years have maintained a 100% employment rate .

MBA program has its own characteristics, students can choose areas of expertise include: business economics , family entrepreneurship, finance , international business, human resource management and organizational development science , information systems management , marketing . Students with a background in business studies within 12 months of completing the MBA program

History of Alfred

Alfred University was founded in 1836 by liberal, independent thinkers who placed high value on education for all citizens. Today, the University has retained and built upon the strong values ​​of its founders, developing as an institution of national and international renown that is responsive to the needs of contemporary society while remaining consistent with the spirit of its origins.

Measurement of public sector output in New York City with reference to sanitation (Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Maxwell ... Finances of New York City. Working paper)
Book (Syracuse University)
2004-02-20 17:10:26 by erus

Seeking those interested in a masters program

Are you interested in an innovative graduate program thats is half technology and half business? The school is Carnegie Mellon (#1 in engineering according to businessweek) and the degree is a masters in ebusiness. It is taught similar b school: very much project and team oriented.
I applied to program thinking that I can pursue remotely/online. It looks like CMU is not ready with a distance program yet but they will let me join if I can find a few people in new york to work with.
I initially wanted to go get MBA but found this program gives the best bang for the buck.
For example here the advantages over a columbia mba program:
1) Columbia requires extremely high + unrealistic qualifications

2012-08-29 06:20:16 by knightmare3000


FORGET IT. this has been covered on this board before. You get stuck with school loans and the degree is worthless. the credits are not tranferable. Worse than U of P is DEVRY. With a degree from DEVRY you CAN NOT take the PE ( professional engineering) exam in any state or Puerto Rico. you are stuck with $80,000 in loans for a worthless bachelors degree. Most articles in New York times and Wall...lar learning from a good LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE for thousands of dollars less. so FORGET U OF PHOENIX. try a GOOD LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE. other alternatives for low cost quality education are
KETTERING UNIVERSITY ( the old GM Institute) the original CO-OP program ( ie go to school so much and then work so much;many students are EARNING $40,000 to $50,000 a year on this curriculum

2005-01-27 06:06:56 by __

US losing War on Competitiveness

...Craig Barrett, the chief executive officer of Intel, noted that Intel sponsors an international science competition every year. This year it attracted about 50,000 American high school kids. "I was in China 10 days ago," Barrett said, "and I asked them how many kids in China participated in the local science fairs that feed into the national fair (and ultimately the Intel finals). They told me 6 million kids."
For now, the United States still excels at teaching science and engineering at the graduate level, and also in university research. But as the Chinese get more feeder stock coming up through their high schools and colleges, "they will get to the same level as us after a decade," Barrett said

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