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U.S. News & World Report (US News & World Report) has named Kent Business School for the whole of America's best business schools, in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing and other professional fields to provide a university degree programs, master's degree courses and doctoral programs. Kent State University School of Business and Management Research Institute, for the desire to become one of the world's top creative talents of our students in Business Administration, providing a twenty-first century the best learning resources and the environment.

KSU's Master of Financial Engineering Advantage☆ curriculum design close to the latest requirements of the international financial engineering industry ☆ world's leading financial engineering analogy laboratory

The Olga A. Mural Financial Engineering Trading Floor provides students hands-on experience in derivatives trading and risk management - all conducted in our on-campus electronic classroom.

☆ vast internship opportunities and employment prospects

☆ academic theory and industry practice, the perfect combination

MSFE professional courses are in accordance with the latest requirements of the international financial engineering industry enacted. KSU Business School Professor Salih Neftci other world-renowned scholar personally taught financial engineering. KSU Financial Engineering Master's core competence is to the named Olga A. Mural Financial Engineering Laboratory analogy (Trading Floor). It spent $ 2.2 million dollars is a world leader in the new financial engineering analogy laboratory, is the only one financial derivatives trade-oriented academic laboratories, with the Chicago, Frankfurt, Singapore and other World Trade Center instant connection for future transactions analogy. Students will have the opportunity to practice using the current mainstream American investment banking business of software used in financial derivatives trading and risk management gained first-hand experience, and further use of the laboratory's all true real-time trading information and market information analogy trade practice. The strength of the financial engineering analogy Lab is KSU financial engineering projects (MSFE) is an important component to help students in the real strategic choice trade capacity and investment analysis. Contact U.S. schools to provide students with well-known large companies 8-10 weeks internship opportunities. Students after graduation is relatively easy to find steady work, and the opportunity to apply for a green card, such as in the United States, including banks and financial institutions such as the Wall Street stock market to seek jobs. Furthermore, we understand that several large U.S. banks, such as Citibank and Bank of America, have been intended to move to the Asian financial technical analysis section. American University with a master's degree student, the applicant related companies and departments of jobs with higher competitiveness. For a long time, KSU invited to serve as head of the major U.S. stock exchanges KSU Master of Financial Engineering Project Advisory Committee, in accordance with the latest requirements of the international financial engineering industry and trends in the development of the project development plan to ensure that the project has cultivated people who can effectively meet employer needs. During the one year of study, students will be required to take rigorous math, mathematics, probability theory, risk management, and other courses and complete a ten-week internship Financial Engineering courses.

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Chomsky on the World Social Forum

Interviewing Chomsky
Preparatory to Porto Alegre
Compiled from diverse email and radio interviews in the week before the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
Why have you decided to participate in the WSF? What do you think of it?
Two meetings are taking place pretty much at same time. One is the Davos meeting of 'the masters of the universe,' to borrow the term used by the world'...its programs for militarization of space as necessary to protect US commercial interests and investments, pointing out -- accurately -- that in the past armies and navies were developed for the same purposes. The relations of the Bush administration with this sector are somewhat different than that of other presidents, but not much. All are committed to the same basic objectives of global contro

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