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The school joins the doctoral programs in Mathematics and Computational Mathematics, traditionally present at the University of Padua. The school offers doctoral degrees in three areas: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, and Computer Science. The Degree in Computational Mathematics is held jointly with the Departments of Mathematics of the Universities of Bologna, Trieste and Udine. The three areas comprise a wide range of Disciplines in Which the department has a well-established international reputation, both in Pure and Applied Mathematics, and in Computer Science.


The course of PhD in Computer Science, activated for the first time in the academic year 1994-95, is part of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. It consists of three years of operation and allows you to achieve the title of "Doctor of Philosophy", analogous to the Anglo-Saxon title of "Doctor of Philosopy (PhD)." The doctoral program is a consortium between the University of Bologna and University of Padova.


The ALGANT-DOC doctoral program, set up by the consortium ALGANT, is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high level research in pure mathematics, leading to a double and / or joint doctor degree, prepared under joint supervision at a minimum of two partner institutions. With ALGANT-DOC, the doctoral candidates will acquire the skills and expertise needed to Pursue a career at the highest academic level.


Taylor & Francis Gauge Theories in Particle Physics, Second Edition (Graduate Student Series in Physics)
Book (Taylor & Francis)
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Most graduate schools have tough curriculums

And only let their students work part time. Playing NCAA level sports consumes a lot of energy and time for any student. I think this would only affect a small number of athletes, and very few on the fast track to a professional career. It would be interesting to know why the NCAA initiated this change.

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Computers also have some age on them

You may want to read these:
World’s First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years
Professor John Atanasoff and graduate student Clifford Berry built the world's first electronic-digital computer at Iowa State
University between 1939 and 1942.
his program will cover Silicon Valley's origins, its emergence as a high-tech mecca after World War II, the rise of the personal computer and the Internet, its parallels with the Renaissance, and Silicon Valley's future with Green Energy

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I'm a psychology graduate student writing my thesis on psychic phenomenon. I'm looking to prove that the phenomenon is legitimate and compare my research findings to people's attempts at debunking. I'm going to be doing original, basic research. I need to find people with testable psychic skills and who do energy healing and are able to feel the human energy field consistantly. If you have a skill but are unsure how it would be tested, that's allright, contact me anyway. I will develop all protocols with you, your names with not be used in my study, and upon positive results only, I will be happy to include your name in my report for advertising

2010-04-07 12:34:09 by Cold_Cathode

No personal info allow - sorry

Call up your local physics department at your local university and look in the graduate student list for a phone number - any old number should do.

Surprising how poorly appreciated this particle creation mechanism is appreciated - in the popular press and general populace.

The LHC is an atom bomb in reverse. Creating matter from energy.

There are various outstanding questions such as what is the minimum energy requirement for particle creation?

When I take a jog down the street and my foot impacts the pavement - kinetic energy of my foot (in the y direction) foes to zero - are sub-atomic particles being created?

When I clap my hands together - do I create sub-atomic particles? I know the temperature of my hands rises - i

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Delaney is a 2003 graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, where he majored in special studies with a focus on history, government and sociology of the modern era.

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Taylor & Francis Introduction to Gauge Field Theory Revised Edition (Graduate Student Series in Physics)
Book (Taylor & Francis)

Arcadia Biosciences, The University of California, Davis, and The Technion ..  — MarketWatch
The university offers interdisciplinary graduate study and more than 100 undergraduate majors in four colleges -- Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Letters and Science.

Taylor & Francis Cosmology in Gauge Field Theory and String Theory (Graduate Student Series in Physics)
Book (Taylor & Francis)
Taylor & Francis Hadron Interactions, (Graduate student series in physics)
Book (Taylor & Francis)
United States Air Force Graduate Student Research Program, 1988 Program Management Report
Book (PN)

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Hal Shorey, an assistant professor at the Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology at Widener University, has been named a consulting editor for the Journal of Personality Assessment.

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