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Alex Osborne (Alex Faickney Osborn) Alex Osborne (Alex Faickney Osborn, 1888.5.24 - 1966.5.4): creation science and engineering to create the father of brainstorming , the father, BBDO advertising agency founder

Alex Osborn Profile

Alex Osborne: creation science and engineering to create the father of brainstorming inventor, U.S. BBDO advertising agency (Batten, Bcroton, Durstine and Osborn) founder and former BBDO Company vice president. Is a famous American creative thinking guru, the creation of the United States Educational Foundation created, creating an annual workshop on creative problem solving, and served as the first president, many of his creative thinking has become a household often way. Book "creative imagination" sales once over the Bible sales. 1940s, Alex • Osborne innovation in the company initiated discussions. 1953 and Panes professor at SUNY Buffalo School founded the world's first creation, Department of Creative Studies began to recruit undergraduate and graduate students. In 1954, Osborne as a board member at Buffalo State University, led the school to establish a "Creative Education Foundation."

Alex · F · Osborne's most prestigious promote creativity techniques - brainstorming , so everyone called him "the father of brainstorming." The purpose of this approach is to find new and whimsical problem-solving approach to the problem.

Alex F. Osborn

Alex F. Osborn helped found Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborn in 1919 and served as its Executive vice President and general Manager from 1938 to 1945 when he Became vice chairman of the board. But this Success and Prestige at the Pinnacle of the Advertising Industry did not satisfy his ambition completely.

He spent much of his life pioneering in the broader realms of idea development - teaching how to think creatively. He began with a manual he compiled on how to solve merchandising problems. This grew into the book How to Think Up and was followed by Your Creative Power, Make Up Your Mind and The Gold Mine Between Your Ears - each of which was translated into numerous foreign languages ​​and sold widely.

2005-01-24 11:16:17 by tartelet

Marry these passions into a career

I'm really into baking, cooking, science, media and communications, nutrition, the outdoors and social anthropology.
what can i do in terms of graduate work? i've got a BS in chemistry, have attended baking and pastry school, have three years 'industy' experience in biotech, have taken LOTS of post-BS classes in many varied areas and have a good GPA and great GRE scores.
I'm ready to go! I want to get back to school...but I don't know what path to take. I've toyed with Nutrition Communication at Tufts, programs in Food Science or Sustainable Agriculture, or Food Studies at NYU

2007-08-14 22:26:12 by Epic-8

Thank you

I've crushed before, it's just weird how this one hit me. I tried to explain to my hubbie that I think it's just the state of our marriage, how vulnerable I've felt and how I've been treated all mixed together.
He is working towards a double major in Chemistry and Biology. He is extremely intelligent, and has maintained an almost 4.0 the whole time. He is going through a program that also provides him with Graduate studies. He has about 4 solid semesters yet and by solid I mean every day almost all day. That's why he had agreed to apply at the school... but I am back to pulling out my hair getting him to do so

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