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My knowledge of gardening comes from the practice field,from research on various specialized sites whenever I need information on new purchases,but there is one person in particular that inspired me in the early years of building the garden: this person is the master gardener Carlo Pagani. Owner of garden center Flora 2000 ,in Budrio,not far from Bologna,led tv in different headings of gardening,(Green Guide,Seasons in the house,in green Fables,Fables in pink and Conservatories) some of which I followed by greed to steal much information as possible.
From him I learned the importance of fertilization,pruning techniques and other pearls of wisdom,which often put into practice to get good results.
I mentioned the teacher in the post: The Obedient Plant physostegia because the herb that I wrote I bought it right in her nursery!

In addition to being an avid collector of antique roses,lilacs,peonies and old fruits,has designed and built many gardens in his long career,always with his inexhaustible inner energy and the desire to preserve the traditions of the countryside of low Bologna ,in which it originates and in recent years has begun to share her experience through television and my favorite magazine: Gardenia.

". He has written several books co-authored,including,in 2000,"Rose lost and found" "In the garden with the master gardener" and recently "The Seasons of the master gardener".

In view of the imminent arrival of spring may be useful to have at hand the last mentioned book,whose subtitle says it all: 182 tips copyright to cultivate garden,vegetable garden,balcony and house plants with competence and intimate satisfaction.

,e per ognuno di questi capitoli c'è un'ulteriore suddivisione nelle diverse stagioni dell'anno,per rendere il libro di facile e veloce consultazione. The co-authors,Carlo Pagani and Mimma Pallavicini,they decided to divide the subjects into three chapters: garden,vegetable garden,balcony and home, and for each of these chapters there is a further breakdown in the different seasons of the year,to make the book quick and easy reference.
You can in fact choose only the part that interests without necessarily reading the rest,although anything can serve ....
The master gardener and Mrs. Pallavicini,historic signing of Gardenia,explain step by step gardening techniques,but also with lightness and irony. Treasure of this advice,so when you make the first spring work will be ready with the right instructions!

Thanks Carlo Pagani!

Univ of California Agriculture & Natural Resources California Master Gardener Handbook [UNABRIDGED]
Book (Univ of California Agriculture & Natural Resources)
2008-10-05 21:11:38 by monocongo

Organic/Sustainable Apprenticeship Programs?

I am interested in doing an apprenticeship program in which I can learn to do organic/sustainable gardening and farming. My intention is to pursue organic and permaculture farming on a small scale, and I want to get a somewhat formal education and immersion in less than a year. (I realize that this will only give me a head start and that it takes years to become a master organic gardener or farmer.) I have experience organic gardening and volunteering on a medium-sized organic farm.
I have researched and visited the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems in Santa Cruz, CA (

2008-11-22 20:07:33 by ChurchGardenLady

I absolutely LOVE Eugene!

Within any area, there are going to be micoclimates.
I would look for a place where there is a major university nearby. Also, access to a master gardener program is a huge indicator that the area is friendly to gardening. Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties all have very active master gardener and master composter programs.
Santa Barbara, CA is gardener's paradise. Just about anything grows well there. There is also a UC campus there.
Hope this helps,

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