CUNY Masters Nursing Programs

Portrait of Dr. Romy Mahrer Imhof The master of science in nursing lecturers are all entrusted with the management of clinical research projects.Portrait of Prof. Dr. Lorenz Imhof This close personal and substantive link new scientific findings are incorporated directly into teaching.Portrait of Professor Maria Müller Staub So contributes to the cooperation of both teaching and research to the scientific foundation of education and the quality of teaching.Portrait of Prof. Dr. Heidi Petry


Guest lecturers

The international focus of the program allows you even during your education first contacts with renowned experts and experts from around the world to produce. You get into the courses date knowledge first-hand through the integration of internationally recognized scientists and nursing care scientists taught.

Advanced Practice Nursing - roles, accreditation and regulation (video)

Prof. Alba DiCenso
McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, visiting professors

Diagnostic Reasoning in Advanced Nursing Practice (Video)

Prof. Margaret Lunney
College of Staten Iceland, CUNY, USA, guest lecturers

Video recording Movie - Margaret Lunney: Diagnostic Reasoning in Advanced Nursing Practice

Univ of California Agriculture & Natural Resources California Master Gardener Handbook [UNABRIDGED]
Book (Univ of California Agriculture & Natural Resources)
2008-10-05 21:11:38 by monocongo

Organic/Sustainable Apprenticeship Programs?

I am interested in doing an apprenticeship program in which I can learn to do organic/sustainable gardening and farming. My intention is to pursue organic and permaculture farming on a small scale, and I want to get a somewhat formal education and immersion in less than a year. (I realize that this will only give me a head start and that it takes years to become a master organic gardener or farmer.) I have experience organic gardening and volunteering on a medium-sized organic farm.
I have researched and visited the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems in Santa Cruz, CA (

2008-11-22 20:07:33 by ChurchGardenLady

I absolutely LOVE Eugene!

Within any area, there are going to be micoclimates.
I would look for a place where there is a major university nearby. Also, access to a master gardener program is a huge indicator that the area is friendly to gardening. Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties all have very active master gardener and master composter programs.
Santa Barbara, CA is gardener's paradise. Just about anything grows well there. There is also a UC campus there.
Hope this helps,

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