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The University of Central Florida is one of the research universities larger and fastest growing in the country and is located in one of the most dynamic metropolitan areas in the United States: Orlando, Florida. The UCF is the 2nd largest university in the country and 8th in graduate enrollment.

As a partner of higher education of Central Florida, UCF plays a key role in the rapid growth of the region, with its partnerships with the community and businesses, their research programs, and the talents of its 225, 000 alumni, 58, 000 students, and 10, 500 faculty and staff. As a metropolitan research university, UCF has a commitment to innovative partnerships with the community, world-class research with local impact and integration of technology and learning.

UCF offers more than 200 bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

Faculty of Honor Burnet
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
School of Management
School of Education
Faculty of Engineering and Computer
Faculty of Graduate Studies
College of Health and Public Affairs
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
College of Optics and Photonics
Faculty of Sciences
Rosen College of Hospitality Management

5 ranks most wanted:

  1. Business Administration
  2. Biology
  3. Computer Science
  4. Psychology
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  • U.S. News & World Report ranked UCF as one of the best Colleges Graduate Engineering U.S. in 2010.
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science UCF is leading among women, 22% of trainees are women.
  • The UCF Technology Incubator has helped more than 70 start-up companies.
  • The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders from UCF educates more students in speech pathology than any other institution in the USA and currently has 231 students enrolled in part-time and full.
  • Professor Nabeel Riza, College of Optics and Photonics / CREOL, was the only winner of the International Commission for Optics - one of the leading international awards for scientists under 40 years.
  • The dr. Henry Daniell, a professor at the Burnett School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, was recently honored as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for his contributions in the field of chloroplast genetic engineering.
  • The late Jonathan Mednick, assistant professor of film direction and production, posthumously won an Emmy for outstanding program in nonfiction (Reality) by "American High, " a TV series from PBS.
  • The UCF is the only university in the country offering by the Department of Industrial Engineering, a Masters in engine technology race car (precision engineering) with a focus on optimizing high-performance engines. The program has received national recognition in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Week Online.
  • The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Ph.D. program ranked UCF's first in the nation in research productivity.
  • Since 1985, archeology professors Arlen and Diane Chase have revealed the secrets of Maya at Caracol, an ancient city located deep in the jungle of Belize.
  • The Faculty of Education and the Rosen College of Hospitality Management pride themselves on the employment rate of 100% for its graduates.
  • More than 9, 000 undergraduate students and graduate students are enrolled in the College of Management, one of the largest in the country.
  • Mark Muller, Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, recently discovered a protein, called MKRNI, which is essential to fight cancer.

Southern Miss grows master of public health program.(Healthcare Mississippi): An article from: Mississippi Business Journal
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2005-11-22 15:12:57 by foodgirl

Ideas for ya

Have you looked at healthcare management? what about outcomes research? your economics background would be highly relevant. you'd need at least a masters degree to break into these fields. look for masters programs at public health schools.
if your heart is set on med school, you can get there by doing well on all your pre-med requirements (not an insignificant undertaking), scoring high on the MCAT, volunteering up a storm, and developing relationships with potential recommenders in the field.
another option is optometry, which can be just as lucrative as medicine if you go into private practice

2007-06-05 11:54:34 by Magnum

Agreed about corporate

Masters, they would not like it if a real leader said hey, put the fork down. It might cause McDonalds to lose some points on NASDAQ. But it would do a helluva lot for the so-called "Health Care Crisis". The crisis is our fat ass not paperwork shuffle. Look at Obama, he is the perfect person to deliver this message. He is fit, lean and looks very healthy. Instead of saying "my answer to the healthcare crisis involves many things INCLUDING programs that will assist all Americans to get healthy" he says "single payer mumbo jumbo...zzzzzzz" just like other politicians. Bush also is fanatic about exercise but he has never once mentioned, at least I have never heard, that the solution to healthcare crisis is tied to diet and exercise

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