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Today's school psychologists must be as effective educational consultant, strategist and consultant intervention in addition to their historical role as psychometricians function. Our goal is to professionals who prepare a comprehensive manifest of theory and practice in meeting the educational advantage of today's students interact within the contexts of their schools, families and communities. At Marist College students interested in pursuing the study of the New York State School Psychology Certification two options: an MA in School Psychology or Advanced Certificate in School Psychology. Marist school psychology programs focus on teaching the theory and skills with five roles is regularly encountered by a school psychologist: intermediaries in the understanding of human behavior; consultants; psychological / educational examiners; consultant and information specialist / strategist intervention. To New York State Educational Department (NYSED) regulations require the academic qualifications for continued certification as a school psychologist sixty-two semester hours of graduate study, including a university supervised internship experience and internship in the field of school psychology. Within the overall program of preparation as a school psychologist, the candidate must complete a master's degree.

Marist College NYSED approved credit sixty MA in School Psychology meets the above criteria. Our 26 credit Advanced Certificate program complements the Marist MA in Psychology. Likewise complements our thirty-nine credit Advanced Certificate Program Marist's MA in Educational Psychology. Candidates for the Advanced Certificate programs, which have acquired a relevant master's degree elsewhere have their certificates reviewed as part of the approval process have. Their relevant master's degree will be considered as fulfillment of the master's degree aspect of the NYSED Certification. However, students may be required to take additional courses that provide instruction in their content and areas of expertise, but in the approved NYSED program Marist is not significantly covered previously earned graduate credits in the applicant.

While all students are required to School Psychology Internship / Seminar (PSYH 701 and PSYH 702), the NYSED include 600-hour internship, students can choose whether to increase the internship of 600 hours to 1200 hours. This can PSYH School Psychology Internship / seminars are conducted by taking PSYH 703 and 704. Students choosing this option would be for PSYH 701 and 703 in autumn and PSYH PSYH 702 and 704 in PSYH spring. This option is available to students in both master's and advanced certificate programs in school psychology and allows students to pursue a full-time internship.

2007-03-29 22:22:32 by epez83

Psychology graduate programs/careers?

I'm a recent B.A. psy graduate now looking into graduate study. The problem is narrowing down my possible choices--I'm considering school psy, clinical psy, or something more biologically based (neuroscience, neuropsychology, etc.). Then there's the lingering thought of psychiatry (with post-doc training in counseling and testing), or even psychiatric nursing (a "back-up" if you will).
I guess I don't have enough experiential information on career possibilities pertaining to each of these programs. I do know I want something more applied rather than research oriented. That is, I'd rather work directly with patients than constantly develop new research studies, although I'd appreciate opportunities to carry out research from time to time (new interventions, for example)

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