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Financial Times publishes ranking of Masters in Finance pre-and post-experience By: EducAmericas - Mon, 20/06/2011

The British newspaper today released its global ranking of Masters in Finance, divided into two areas: pre master experience, designed for professionals with no more than one year of work experience and master pro experience for professionals with years in office.

The list is headed by pre-experience Masters in International Finance from HEC Paris (France), followed by the Master in Finance IE Business School (Spain) and the Advanced Master in Financial Techniques business school ESSEC (France) in the second and third place respectively. In the fourth and fifth place are two UK programs: Master of Financial Economics at Oxford University and Master of Finance Business School Warwick .

While in the master list contained in post experience first Masters in Finance from London Business School (United Kingdom), followed by a Masters in Finance from University of Illinois (USA) in second place and the Master of Applied Finance University of Melbourne (Australia) in third place.

To make this ranking, Financial Times used questionnaires, interviews and statistical data on the presence and international expansion, the cloister and the diversity of international participants of the programs.

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2006-01-27 06:55:41 by kahnja19

MBA Programs, Will any Companies Pay for Me?

Here’s the deal. I’m going to spend the next 6 or 7 months studying for the GMAT. I have all the books, I’m going to take a class, and I’m pumped. My goal is to get into a top tier school(full time program.) If I do, there comes the problem of paying for it. Tuition cost are any where from $50,000 to $80,000 for the Harvard’s and the Wharton’s of the world.
As many companies like the hire graduates from distinguished programs, are there any that would pay for the program up front so that they could land the MBA graduate later? If anyone has any advice on my question or the MBA in general, please let me know.

2005-07-25 06:15:41 by anon28

Yes, if it is not top tier

Only goto a school in the top tier, other wise you are wasting your time & alot of money.
Companies also like to hire young preferably between 22-28.
There are so many who went back to law school after they got laid off in 2001-2003 because unlike other types of graduate programs, from a prospective employers viewpoint it doesn't look as bad to be in law school full time and the employment gap doesn't look as bad.
But there are many more lawyers & would be lawyers than the number of available jobs and usually biglaw firms only recruit at the top tier.

2008-01-07 07:00:15 by and_average_salaries

Check % of its Grads Employed After Graduation

MBA programs all survey their grads and report this information, which is helpful. If you look at top-20 schools, you'll see six-figure starting compensation and high-90% rates of grads employed within three months of graduating (many get offers before the graduate, from companies where they were summer interns). There may be non-top 20 schools with specialized programs that are attractive, but again, look how their grads have done.
FYI, one non-Top 20 school that has ranked high on Return on Investment is U of Iowa's Tippie School. Its grads don't make the highest salaries, but since it's a state school, its tuition is a lot lower than that of some of the top schools.

2002-12-06 13:06:39 by bunny21


The time I received my internship was in the summer of '99 and there definitely more choices out there. As an intern, you basically shadow employees and work on projects (generally speaking). Graduate school interns are seen as goodwill to the company and big companies have a program in place to bring them in. I have talked to people in top tier programs and they are having difficulty finding them. Some are even going home for the summer to land temporary work if possible. My point is that I am seeing people at the better ranked schools that should normally not have problems experienceing this

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