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The Chinese University of Hong Kong Institute of Chinese Language and Literature Faculty opened Ph.D. , Master of Philosophy and Master of Arts programs. There PhD, MPhil four dozen people, literature graduate about 160 people. All courses offered by the Faculty of CUHK Department of Chinese teachers to teach, research areas include languages, ancient literature, classical literature and modern literature.

研究院概覽 。 Click here for the Postgraduate Prospectus .

PhD programs

"PhD program" as full-time or part-time in the research programs. Admission to the Faculty "PhD program" applicants, in addition to meet the school's admission outside the Institute, and must hold a recognized university Chinese Language, Chinese Literature Master's degree or equivalent. 個月至84個月,兼讀制修業期為48個月至96個月;未具備研究式碩士學位之哲學博士生,全日制修業期為48個月至84個月,兼讀制修業期為64個月至96個月。 A research master's philosophy doctoral student, full-time course duration is 36 months to 84 months, part-time course duration is 48 months to 96 months; without a research doctoral degree in philosophy, full-time Duration of 48 months to 84 months, part-time course duration is 64 months to 96 months.

Students are required to attend regular year of attendance will speak of, and in the course of four to six subjects Readings. This was according to the specific circumstances of the Faculty requirements of research students in languages ​​other than one kind and other related courses. PhD students are required to attend "doctoral qualifying examination" to obtain a passing grade only after the prospective submit papers. Papers must be written under the guidance of instructors.

研究院研究式課程概覽 。 Admission requirements and application procedures, please visit the Institute research programs overview .

年度哲學博士課程提交入學申請資料須知(2012年8月更新)] [2013/14 PhD programs submitted Admissions Information Information (August 2012 update)]


"MPhil" as full-time or part-time in research programs, full-time course duration is two to four years, part-time course duration is three to five years. In addition to complying Institutes of school admission, the admission to the course applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, majoring in Chinese language, Chinese literature or other relevant disciplines.

The course includes research methods, thematic lessons and speak of will. 學分,方可畢業。 Students writing papers by the instructor, and must take at least 27 credits for graduation.

Admission requirements and application procedures, please visit Institute research programs overview .

年度哲學碩士課程提交入學申請資料須知(2012年8月更新)] [2013/14 MPhil admission information submitted Notes (August 2012 update)]

Master of Arts

"Master of Arts" as the taught part-time courses, with no full-time, period of study is two to four years. In addition to complying Institutes of school admission, the admission to the course applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, majoring or elective Chinese language, Chinese literature or other relevant disciplines.

2004-09-10 16:59:22 by raider_fan_forever

OK, how about #6?

Since rankings help your little minds grasp complex notions (like the living, breathing community that is a great university) Let's play your cute game.
U.S. News and World Report ranks USC # 6 in the nation for best overall graduate programs
Our film school is either #1 or #2 depending on the list.
Marshall is a top-ten MBA program.
And of course, our football team is #1 in the nation!!!

2005-05-26 17:38:46 by what_is_the_undergrad

Okay, I guess a better question would be

GPA of most grad students enrolled at top-tier humanities grad programs? That is, one of the top ten nationally in a fairly well developed field. I know that higher is better, but I would like to get a sense of whether mine is average, above or below.
Universities seem to be very eager to post average high school GPA and SAT statistics for their undergrad admits, but veil their graduate stats in secrecy. I understand that they may want to tell us that these basic statistics are not the deciding factor for admission in this field (portfolio is probably more important), but would kind of like to know where this aspect of my application stands

2009-08-27 09:33:45 by edugirl

Two suggestions.

The first is getting the U.S. News and World Report's "America's Best Graduate Schools." They have a top 50 list of schools of engineering, as well as top ten listings for 12 engineering subspecialties.
You can get a print edition for $9.95 at the major bookstore chains or you can buy an online account, I believe for $14.95, that might have further information on rankings, but I am not sure of that.
The online account is interactive, allowing you to select "favorite" programs, etc, but I have not purchased such an account, so I don't know how good it is.
The other option is using phds

2010-08-09 20:35:03 by in-existence

There are already such businesses

They are "professional packagers" who help people get into top college programs, especially into top-ranked graduate programs. They charge anywhere from $4 to $7,000 per applicant and literally walk through the student's resume, GPA, extra-curricular activities, community service, etc. They "package" the student to be a more desirable candidate for the top ten or twelve colleges and have a very high success rate. They give tips on what areas need more work, help with entrance essays, and sometimes one-on-one interview skills.
You sound like you are more geared to helping high school kids form goals and fill out college applications

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