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Linkedin, a matter of relations ... word of Reid Hoffman

As I wrote a few days ago, the post dedicated to "Dropbox" The thing that fascinates me most in an enterprise, beyond his organization's most fascinates me about his philosophy and always behind a "business philosophy" c ' it is always a personal vision, a dream.

, creatore e fondatore di "Linkedin" , social network dedicato al mondo professionale. Today, through this my virtual window, I want to tell you a good story, especially the beautiful personal philosophy of Reid Hoffman, founder and creator of "Linkedin" social network dedicated to the professional world. The main purpose of this site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of persons known and deemed reliable in the workplace.

ma successivamente me ne sono appassionato tanto che, oggi lo ritengo utilissimo come mezzo di formazione, discussione, condivisione (anche di questo blog) ma soprattutto aiuta a mantenere e costruire quella "rete di Persone" tanto cara ad Hoffman. I myself have joined this site about a year ago, initially out of curiosity because I had read an article in the journal "Millionaire" but then I'm hooked so much so that today I think it is very useful as a means of training, discussion, sharing (also of this blog) but also helps to maintain and build that "network of people" so dear to Hoffman. And it is precisely the thinking behind the "network of people" who fascinated me, find out for reading below ... good read

Find out who is Reid Hoffman ...

Who is. An American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author of his books.

What he did.
Paypal and Linkedin.

Born in 1967 born in California, at Stanford. He attended high school. He enrolled in and eventually graduated from Stanford University in 1990. He wanted to have an 'impact' on the academic world.
He writes books, but his exact words:

"When I graduated from Stanford my plan was to become a professor and public intellectual. That is not about quoting Kant. It's about holding up a lens to society and asking 'who are we?' and 'who should we be, as individuals and a society?' But I Realised That academics write books 50 or 60 people read and I wanted blackberries impact.

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2006-01-25 09:15:52 by helpmeoutherepls

Masters in Management Science & Engineering !!!!

Hi All -
I'm an accountant and thinking of applying for Masters in Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, which is a 1 year program.
I have done my best to do research on this and figure out what awaits for me after graduation.
The alumni seems to be working in a very diversified areas of business and I cant really point to one.
However, I'm assuming that it helps because its a Masters from Stanford!!!.
Can anyone shine some light on this and help me out.... appreciate your help and input in advance.

2010-06-13 19:00:19 by edugirl

The media have been harping for decades

About how expensive it is, and that a degree won't get you a job.
They always focus on a private and somewhat prestigious university and then look at the kids who just graduated who can't find a job.
Also, these articles always come out around graduation time, because it makes good copy. Next fall, at the height of college (and graduate school) admission season, the LA Times will publish an article on how competitive college admissions are, and how Joey Podunkin, who has a 4.02 GPA since he was 14 and has SAT's in the 20,000 range, was denied admission to UCLA, Stanford, and USC

2009-11-11 08:50:29 by -

I'm not an American

But my impression of American's grasp of reality is, let's just say, not good. Maybe it's the cultural difference, maybe it's something else. But I find Americans have a tendency to stubbornly refuse to look at reality and believe and only believe in the own little world existed in their own heads. A fellow PhD student once told me that he wanted to be a professor at this or that university, he is in a far from stellar state school with no publication so far, and he talked as if he could get a offer of tenure-track position right after graduation. I didn't know what to say to him at that time, so I just nodded

2004-03-30 10:51:18 by OaklandEater

First of all....

I have enormous respect for Duke and Stanford and Coach K and Mike Montgomery. But a huge part of their graduating players is the fact that the school does not allow them to recruit players that aren't capable of handling the academic load. If other school held their ground when admiting athletes then graduating athletes wouldn't be an issue. Leaving the responsibilty of graduating players to the coach who is making $500K a year to win games is a joke. And don't for one second think that every single administrator at Georgia didn't know exactly what Harrick Jr.'s class was about. Coaches don't get to just decide to teach a class to only 3 basketball players and then make up the curricculum and then give credit

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